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anything new in 5.0?
i will be home to PVP wednesday night!!! join me
I mean in-game, not in Windows itself - that's an easy fix.
ranked pvp groups, GSF, golden fury, monolith and all our favorite ops. . . i think I like the change
Windows has a setting for that in the ease of access center. Search for it from the start menu.

Gearing 5.0

kronus a posted Dec 4, 16

Hello Gang!  

     For those interested in gaining command points and making it to eng game gear again there are a few options. For the first 30 minutes or so of most sabina nights there will be an EV mod run to grab some quick and easy command points.  We will run in 16m to speed up the trash killing and to allow more people to join in.  After the two to three runs of mobs sabina will go back to 8m and run ops for the night (until we are geared well enough to get back to raid content).  The remaining members of Legio sythica are also still running CP content on tuesdays and thursdays at 7pm and if you are interested let me know (or just talk to krayn).  

    Assuming a new raid comes out in the first quarter fo next year I imagine there will be some more re-structuring needed then . . . but until bioware tells us something about the future of raiding in the game I will continue to reach for that Command rank 300 so I can keep hunting thos sweet nim mounts!  

Please feel free to contact em with any questions either in game or on Enjin 


Raid Resturcturing

kronus a posted Jul 28, 16

Hey All, Time to change thigns up (until new content comes out).  Please take a moment to read and comment on the following forum post

Also, if you are interested in one of the few progression ops that will remain running please contact me via message.  Once new Raid dates are announced we will do a more 'formal' restucturing of raids to make sure we are optimal gear for the new content.  

burn out

kronus a posted Apr 27, 16

Hey All, 

     I know a lot of us are getting burned out with the lack of new content (myself included) so I will encourage you to take break when you want to, do what you need to to to keep having fun in TOR and keep as active as you can manage.  Just like every lull between releases things get slugish but they will pick up again soon so dont get too detached!  I know I have not been on as much in the last few weeks, but that will change once my schedule gets fixed (6 weeks though).  

       Since other guilds are going through similar trouble I may start recruiting again, picking up good players from slumbering guilds.  any help in that department would be appreciated



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