HENDRIX!!! Check your profile wall bro. I need your man chowder in my corn hole.
Howdy fellers
I still haven't replaced my monitor on my gaming rig. Apparently it's been over a year since I last played. I hope you're all doing well!
The first boss of a new op, at any rate. If they keep to their promised schedule, 2nd boss should drop soon.

Enjin Ends

kronus a posted Sat at 23:19

Hey Gang, 

     Since discord is where most fo the chat traffic is I would like to discontinue the Enjin (since it costs money).  If you have any concerns about this please contact me in game via mail.  Even better contact me on discord!  

we will still use the goolge doc sign up


kronus a posted May 14, 17

Hey all, 

     In an effort to assist with weekday and impromptu raids some fo us have started using Discord ( which can be used from your computer or your smart phone.  It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in raids join the last centurions Discord by following this link



Sabina wants to start to run 16m ops on fridays to get more gear drops for mains and alts as the new content approaches.  If you can sing up for an 'alternate' position great!  if you just show up also great (if we still have space).  The hope is that we will be reasonably geared once the new op comes around and if it is good there will be new/reformes ops groups around.  

Also wednesday night open raid is becoming a real thing if you want to sign up! The three weeks we have run have been a lot of fun. . . last week we ran an imp side raid! (though when my schedule changes i hope we can move it to tuesday nights) 



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