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somebody fill in for me, so I don't feel like so much of an ass
to Sabina - shit happened at work, and I got mandatoried to stay an extra 5 fucking hours.. I'm so sorry I won't be on.. I'll blow you guys to make up for it :((
Miner's VOD [link]
Sorry about late notice, tomorrow should be fine.
Something came up I have to do this afternoon, not gonna be able to make the raid in 30 mins, sorry.
First up is Conquests this week. We have invaded Quesh. Get your invasion forces ready! It takes between 5-10 invasion forces to hit the weekly cap so hit it hard!

Secondly 3.0 is right around the corner. Keep checking this page as we'll be posting a lot of information and a sign up as we rejigger some of the raid groups and nights. Please start thinking about which nights you will be able to commit to starting in December and January.

Lastly this week we're going to run Hateful Entity, if we get enough signups. So please add your names to our sign up sheet (self-cleanses, ranged, and mobile healers preferred).
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kareth   published Three announcements: Conquests, 3.0 Raid Groups, Special Run on News
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DreselusIf only this made it to the game [link]
3.0 Discipline descriptions * /r/swtor
I decided to present the class descriptions here. Some class descriptions are hillarious, some are messed up and some are not finished. [The...
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Aishya   Plasmatech: This is the Plasmatech discipline where you melt faces.
Dakrin   Gunslinger
"Dirty fighting: Delving ever deeper into the dark side of the Force can lead to madness, but it can also lead to immense power. Attacking multiple enemies simultaneously and instilling terror in their hearts, all while sapping their very life essence from afar, the Madness Sorcerer is a dark threat unlike any other. (???)"

gotta love the epic fail :sick:
kareth   Well the trooper got the best new names for sure
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Dreselus3.0 Return to Silly hats for Sages, first offering: the Space gardener with a fedora.
Dreselus   AKA Space Beekeeper [link]
kareth   that's terrible
Slugfest   Wow, ugly as shit
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karethNew 3.0 gearing info:
Set bonuses:
* Belt and bracers now have set bonuses.
* Set bonuses now have 2, 4 and 6 piece bonuses.
* Seems like the new bonuses are the same for PvE and PvP?

They added only one new Augment kit, the MK-10 and it costs 42k to install an augment slot using it.
JourrnoRush   Anything about new "top tier" materials?
Elcid   not yet, but swtor_miner is on the job
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