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named conquest commander will be ready at 8:40pm pt
So I'm sitting in a queue for the first time since dec. 2011
been a while since the hamsters actually died, but all west coast servers, thats just sad
It's down.

Voss Invaded

kareth a posted 4 hours ago
By overwhelming popularity we have invaded Voss. It's going to be a tough battle, but craft a ton! We can do it.

Craft Prefabs, War Supplies and Universal Kits!

If you do not make all the parts for Invasion Forces, stick your extra War Supplies in the first two tabs of the guild bank so others can pull your War Supplies to make Invasion Forces.

Also we need a lot more frameworks/encryptions to expand the Guild Ship so please help out when people ask for help killing Battlemasters. We should be doing that in the morning, afternoon and night to max our encryptions. I started a new tab in the Guild Calendar to record when shields are coming down.

While Malleus Republicae is a place for all to hang out and call theirs, the Legates have decided to reward those who made the Ship possible to have their own rooms. There are total of 6 rooms up for grabs in the crew quarters. All those who have donated 3m and more are eligible to get a room, but it is on first come first serve basis. You also need to provide 2x Logistics framewroks to unlock the room.

If you are interested contact a Legate and we will strive to unlock the Crew Deck ASAP. If you have not donated 3m and are intested contact Kareth about donating the rest.
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Dreselus   Gimping it up.
Zanteera   Looks like an orange-ish version of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.
Mis   @Dres: Rather poorly. There are better outfits for that mask: [link]
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Zanteera   created a new thread Week Three's Conquest Targets - Voss, Makeb, CZ-198 in the General Discussion forum
karethNew conquest schedule including corellia rak event. Anyone want to produce our short list so we can decide if we should move up our votes to Mondays?

Zanteera   Nothing happening at work right now - I'm on it.
Zanteera   I'm having some weird forum issues where I can't view the thread I posted, and my comment here disappears occasionally.

If I've inadvertently posted the same thread half a dozen times, I'm sorry, and please delete the extra ones.
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