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So it's nice that the [Weekly] Galactic Conflicts works for the Level 60 FPs. In addition to that, this weekly is also completed by doing the 55 FPs and those drop elite comms as well.
Likely 30 mins late....
few mins late, logging in in couple mins
At urgent care with my wife. trying my best to be on for fulminata tonight.
The Galactic Conflicts FP weekly still works, but only for level 55 ones! You also get 11 elite comms for a run!

Legio Fulminata Try Outs

kareth a posted Sun at 0:20
We've had several no shows for Fulminata so Gralier will be reforming the team. If interested please contact him, you must be able to make both days. If you are a DPS you will need to post a parse, if a healer or tank Gralier will probably give you a tryout. Please let us know if interested.
Hey all, after a lot of hard work from the officers we have our 3.0 raid teams locked and loaded (with the exception of Fulminata which we are still looking to fill).

Feel free to start working with your raid team to get runs going now so you can get chemistry. As mentioned previously we setup the raid teams focusing on keeping current groups together, ensuring raid success, and striving for ability to have class balance. Most of these teams are flexible with altaholics that can serve multiple roles.

Fulminata still has open roles. If you are interested in a role there or know someone who is please send me a private message. I will only consider people who can make both days and demonstrate a strong parse in current content. There are a few new people joining us as well, so let's welcome them.

There is no way to keep everyone happy forming these groups, but we did our best and there are still going to be open sign up raids on Thursdays + ad hoc raid on other nights. If you have positive questions or comments about the raid groups post them below. If you have negative comments or questions please send them to me privately. 

Also please let me know if you know people who can fill the remaining open roles or want to be an alternate.

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