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Cleaning Member List

kronus a posted Sat at 9:26

Hey All, 

       As Syrdass mentioned I am pretty excited to be at the helm of TLC.  Lots of ideas kickin around guild and I love to hear them so send me mail or catch me on line.  There will be some new officers comin up soon but first thing is clearing out the guild lsit which is almost maxed out.  

Starting on Monday Mar 9th Toons that are below lvl 60 and have not been logged onto in 80 days or more will be removed from guild (keeping mains). If you want to keep your low alts in, make sure to log in. 

If you have a toon incorrectly removed just ask a tribune to re-invite.

Thanks All,


Transfer of Guild

Syrdass ao posted Sat at 9:11

As some may have noticed, Kronus is now Consul (GM). He and the next generation of officers will be leading The Last Centurions into the next era.  I have confidence that Kronus will be a good foundation to draw upon for making TLC successful.

He has some plans to reinvigorate the guild and I hope everyone chooses to support him going further.  With any change small or large, time will be needed to re-establish the consistency and organization in structure.  

Please congratulate Kronus in this next phase.  I personally wish him the best of luck going forward!

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SyrdassHi all,
Just to keep everyone informed, I will be leaving the game. My last day playing will be March 9, Monday as it will be fitting to work through the last of my current progression teams before bidding farewell. I want to give every opportunity to keep the current groups going after my departure, so rather than dropping out suddenly, I will run for another two weeks in time to hopes find a replacement and also someone to lead the groups.

The reason for my departure is soley on the shoulders of BW and my lack of enjoyment to play the game.

While there is some current inner workings on how the guild will continue after I leave, I don't think this the appropiate time and path to showcase that at this time.

I may come back and I may not, it's really based on how I see BW attempts to change things in the direction I desire in a MMO.

To all that I have gotten to know, thank you for the laughs and great moments during the last years of play.
Huus   =(
Vesper   :( maybe you need a break from the game...Before I quit playing too (when 3.0 started) but took a 2 weeks long vacation from it. But I agree with you there, now my only appeal in the game is to run ops.
Mosephine   I hate you.
DreselusWhile probably evident from the absence, life has been throwing constant curve balls at me lately and I simply have no time for video games at all. Should my circumstances change I will gladly get back to it. If that time ever comes, happy hunting until then.
Aishya   Not a problem Dres, that is perfectly understandable and what you're doing should always be put first. Hope to see you again soon, and good luck!
PurpleHaze   :(
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