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More GF Ops and PvP, less everything else? :)
yep, vega, let's make it happen. we need to get this. Hoth is big for us, don't let this one get away
just need more operations of as many TFB group finders as possible within the guild, and all of the HMs on as many alts as possible
We really need to push because it's way too close and they're planning a big push on Sunday late
uh oh! we fell behind

Hoth Invaded, go hard!

kareth a posted Sun at 17:59
Awesome job rocking the Nar Shaddaa Conquest.

Hoth invaded. PVP hard and rock some ops! Let's do this! If we win Hoth we'll take next week off, so go hard this week.

While Malleus Republicae is a place for all to hang out and call theirs, the Legates have decided to reward those who made the Ship possible to have their own rooms. There are total of 6 rooms up for grabs in the crew quarters. All those who have donated 3m and more are eligible to get a room, but it is on first come first serve basis. You also need to provide 2x Logistics framewroks to unlock the room.

If you are interested contact a Legate and we will strive to unlock the Crew Deck ASAP. If you have not donated 3m and are intested contact Kareth about donating the rest.
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DreselusSo the new expac is Cylons?
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karethHave had a request for a Monday and Thursday Nightmare group. If interested please post below!
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Elcid   I was talking to Mo, and i think a 7 start would be good, i can do 6 if needed tho.
Dreselus   How about Legio Biggus Dickus?
Zanteera   Phallus Majorus?
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