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6 mins to start and I have to go out, so sorry guys
Season 3 Rewards [link]
I want my DoT tracker now!!!
270-degree Line-of-sight... interesting...
2 new sets of pvp gear

3.0 Raid Signup

kareth a posted Mon at 18:15
No point in waiting anymore. I'm posting the signup sheet for 3.0 raids. Please leave questions here as they will be deleted from the spreadsheet to keep it organized.

I will lock the spreadsheet on November 24th, so if you want to raid get your name in before then. After the 24th the officers will organize the teams and get the list published by November 30th. 

It is also worth reading over the loot rules as we will be reverting back to "New Raid" rules.
Strong possibility that this week is Rak Resurgence. Looks like the planets are Republic Taris, Nar Shaddaa and Corellia. Be on for the vote tomorrow at 8 AM PT in mumble or in game. I'll also put some placeholders on the new sign up sheet today for Eyeless + the other boss.

On Tuesday afternoon I'm going to put up the raid signup for 3.0. There will be a full page of the Officers' thoughts on how we're going to assemble the raid teams, but feel free to ask any questions or offer suggestions.
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karethA must read for 3.0: [link]
Global Combat Changes Livestream Notes * /r/swtor
DPS Changes** * We want to look at global DPS. Some classes have exceeded the baseline values we setup. We took the opportunity to get the...
Aishya   On a slightly different note I was thinking about how stats might play out for gearing up. Unless they change something with Stockstrike, I'm wondering if it might be better for Tactics to have no alacrity while the other Plasma spec may want a balance of alacrity and surge.

Obviously we need more details to be sure, but I'm thinknig there may be a large disparity between different specs for a given class.

The reason I was using Stockstrike as an example is that Tactics is going to be built around refreshing High Impact Bolt (HiB) with Stockstrike currently being the only ability to give the auto crit buff. As of right now this ability has a 9 second cooldown, meaning if that remains the same then the HiB may not always be an auto crit.

Hopefully they address this issue when they get around to that class stream.
karethAbout time: [link]
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kareth   created a new thread Videos for those interested in the SWTOR story in the Gaming forum
karethHad to post this because I watched it again today and I forgot how F-ing amazing it is: [link]
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 'Return' Cinematic Trailer
Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic...
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Ziodus   "Go Satele. You must walk a different path. A path that consists of eventually having to take down your great-great-great-great-grandfather."
Mis   Always fun see the combat animations reflected in these videos.

Except project. Nobody likes project.
karethMore new pictures: [link]

Scorpio customization is awesome
imgur: the simple image sharer
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Ziodus   Nice to see her finally getting one. That Akaavi is crud, though...
Aishya   That image looks like a sith playing a harmonica...
Mis   What's wrong with Akaavi? She just looks like a red version of my Commando: [link]
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karethIn case you have been saving up comms...

Might still be worth saving as we don't know what Basic comms will buy, but I'm somewhat inclined to just spend and gear out my new 55s and companions
STAR WARS: The Old Republic - View Single Post - Commendatio...
Let me start by saying I did not hear the Twitch Stream myself, so this is all hearsay now, but I'm looking for confimation that this is what we expect based on Friday's stream. I ...
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Syrdass   Since Eric did not bluntly say no to the basic comm gear as 186 per the post by Brewski, I was assuming Brewski was correct in his assumption.
Zanteera   Not that Bioware has to do the same thing as it did before, but I'd guess the best indication of what level gear Basic will buy is looking at what Basics could buy when RotHC came out - was it on par with EC NiM gear, or was it a step below?

Regardless, I agree with Syrdass - Musco didn't contradict the dude saying that we'd be able to buy 186 gear.
Aishya   The new content can be done with our 186 gear, but that doesn't mean it is purchasable with commendations.

I did say above that I could imagine it buying that level 57-58 gear (192 level), but I still do not believe Bioware would allow nightmare gear to be bought with commendations.

Yes Bioware could potentially do something different, and they have. In fact this will be a complete gear reset unlike the day when Oriconian gear got released and everyone (myself included) immediately bought the offhand, implant, and several mods. I still do not foresee them allowing commendation nightmare gear.
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