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Awesome Turnout!

kronus a posted Sun at 12:39

This past week was our first Conquest push in about 3 months and the turnout was spectacular!  we had nearly 30 unique accounts contribute and were able to compeet with a guild that has twice as many active players as us (but less skill!).  We had nights of HUGE turn out where we had guild runs of old content and a nearly pure 16m Canturion group for Ravagers . . .which we finished in a  record time fo 27 min 34 sec!!! In addition to that we were able to recruit a fair number of new players into the guild.  This means new friends and an easier time with conquest during our next push! If you see someone new on help them out, point out mumble info, direct them to guild forums, remind them about the shout box,warn them about jourrnos room on guild ship, and help them feel at home.  

Our next push will likely be April 28th (sooner than I would like).  This give us almost 3 weeks to build up mats and rest our weary bones.  It is Galactic Total War! 12 planets up for grabs and after our show this week I have no doubt we can take one of them!  I will create a forum post about strategy for that week once it gets closer.  For now, keep being awesome! 


kronus a posted Apr 1, 15

There is a good chance that THe Last Centurions can win a planet next week. . .if we show up HARD.

This is a pole to gauge interest for winning a planet.  Since we only have a core of active members right now that means everyone who is going in needs to go hard to make a strong showing.  

please refer to: conquest forum

Cleaning Member List

kronus a posted Feb 28, 15

Hey All, 

       As Syrdass mentioned I am pretty excited to be at the helm of TLC.  Lots of ideas kickin around guild and I love to hear them so send me mail or catch me on line.  There will be some new officers comin up soon but first thing is clearing out the guild lsit which is almost maxed out.  

Starting on Monday Mar 9th Toons that are below lvl 60 and have not been logged onto in 80 days or more will be removed from guild (keeping mains). If you want to keep your low alts in, make sure to log in. 

If you have a toon incorrectly removed just ask a tribune to re-invite.

Thanks All,


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