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btw jourrno/mose message me, I've quit the game but am getting rid of alot of worthwhile shit.
Dres brag about accomplishments like 7 months after everybody quit trying moor pls
no worries cid. Thanks for posting. It would be nice if the 4 other people who didn't bother to show or post would at least post.

Upcoming Activities

kronus a posted Sun at 15:56

Hey All, 

    With the new rotation on the GF tuesday night is not always the best night to try and group.  For example this week tuesday will be DF, BORING!  

     This week Rav is on thursday and ToS is on friday, I will put a signup spot of those nights for GF (please sign up)

    This leaves the fate of our tuesday pick-up group uncertiant . . .BUT with the SM ziost boss droping 198 gear (and 192 gear) I thought it would eb good to start a weekly run on the Ziost Operation Boss.  It takes some learning but after you get good at seeing the white on white circles it is not that bad (and in SM you dont need to do WB first).  

     Because of the Bioware snafu with gree last week our conquest push is back another week.  On June 9th the dread war will be upon us ( It is an ops heavy week with 4 planets up for grabs.  This give you two weeks to stockpile your crafting mats!   

May the 4th!

kronus a posted May 4, 15

We may have lost Quesh but we have gained so much in our effort!  There has been another string of new recruits (thanks mostly to Ony) and we have once again shown that The Last Centurions are a force to be reckoned with!  The Watchmen Elite beat us by a mere 333k when they are a guild that is much larger than us in terms of player base.  The dedication that everyone displayed and the incredible effort that was put in makes me thrilled to be a Centurion!  I would like to give special recognition to our top Conquest Players

Runner Up: El'Cid - 148646 points 

            5th: Mikey - 1685000 points

            4th: Ony - 23500 points

            3rd: Kumbel - 367480 points

            2nd: Zanteera - 418000 points

            1st: KronusZ - 563994 points

When you see these champions of conquest around make sure to give them a pat on the back! While these 6 accounts compromise half of the points that we achieved there were dozens of players who contributed small amounts and having more players around will help the guild continue to push numbers up in conquest and keep a pool of alternates for our Progressions.

Today begins the 12xp which will continue for a unknown amount of time!  While you level your new toons look for that "new player"  that could have been you 4 years ago and lets get them in guild!  Feel free to send me a mail to set member notes.  

Our next conquest week will be June 9th so rest while you can!  

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