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conqueror of ilum, Well Done!
Yes, Gratz Krayn!
Grats Krayn! I hate you cause you make it look so easy...:sick:
[link] Finally!
Gemina, I'm back from vacation, but I won't be back for tonight's raid (Sunday). However, I will be ready for Monday night.

Operations Next week

kronus a posted Jul 26, 15

In addition to the excitement of taking over a planet (please vote) there are also some exciting operations going on next week.  

On Wednesday night is the title runs.  It is a great chance to practice some of those old ops before they update to 65 AND get some cheevos!  the 8m group is pretty much full up BUT if we get enough alternates to sign up we will run it 16M and get even more cheevos!  (sign up here

On Friday night Legio Sabina and Legio Augusta are joining forces to run 16m HM ops!  Since some of the people overlap between the two groups and not all of the regulars can make the time there will be some open spots.  These spots will be first given to those who have HM experience with the groups and other Legio's, then the remaining spots will go to those with HM cheevos and proper gear.  To be considered for one of those spots please sign up on the spread sheet!(sign up here

it is gonna be a great week!!!

Conquest TOTAL WAR

kronus a posted Jul 24, 15

Next week (7/28) is total war! 12 planets up for grabs in a mad dash to conquest and this is what we have been waiting for.  I don't want to just win a planet I want to see a staggering point spread where we crush the competition.  I have been farming mats for weeks waiting for this conquest

we will invade late on Tuesday so we can avoid the mega guilds and get our 4th planet! 

A growing Guild

kronus a posted Jun 29, 15

As many of you have noticed the guild is growing in size quite rapidly.  This is from a combination of an increased recruitment effort AND a huge number of players returning to the game for KOTFE (knights of the fallen empire).  To facilitate this influx there has been a slight change to the ranks and some newly added ranks.  We have also updated the guild guidelines to more accurately reflect our current goals and aspirations.  

You can read the new information in the  "About" section of the website.  

If you see new members on line: introduce yourself, Help maintain the friendly atmosphere of the guild, invite them along for flash-points, pvp or operations. Help the returning players understand the new content so they can start coming on raids with us (because we are still an ops focused guild)! 

Any questions may be directed Towards KronusZ or any of the current Legates

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