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new sign up sheet posted, Ill be out most the week visiting family
Kerghan broke the server with his phat lewts comment.
S&V is the HM Op of the week? Huzzah for phat lewts, boo for ungodly long runs.
OK which one of you broke the patch?
I am avail to sub for tonight if anyone needs me. All 3 classes open to hm.

Raid times and New Members

kronus a posted Oct 13, 15

     Hello Centurions, I am excited to announce that we will be taking on a large number of new raid-ready players from two different guilds.  Look for a host of new members this week and make sure to give them a big Centurion welcome! 


  With the new members and then impending Expansion: Knights of The Fallen we will be re-working the raid schedule.  Please visit the link and fill out your availability:

As it mentions on the form the first goal is to maintain successful raid groups, introduce dedicated alternates and creation of new raid groups with our exciting new members! 

Please make liberal use of the “additional comments” section as I (KronusZ) will keep this information confidential while creating raid groups. The sooner we can start new groups the better!!!  So don’t delay

Clearing Members

kronus a posted Sep 17, 15

I will be doing a nother member-list purge this week.  Anyone who is at or below lvl 55 and has not logged in for the last 60 days will be removed from guild.  If you have an alt that you do not want removed make sure to log in sooner than later.  If you have an alt removed just send me a message and I will re-invite.

Also looking at the enxt conquest week. . . Total Galactic war oct 13th, anoter 13 planet week.  If we are prepared it should be easy pickings!  I will put a vote up once it is closer to the date.  


kronus a posted Aug 4, 15

What in incredible week!  After taking a fast lead for the domination of Ilum Coup de Grace came out of no where and kept us all on our toes for a long and arduous 48hrs before we overwhelmed them and crushed their spirits!  By the end of it we took 1st by a 1.3 mil CP lead! 

We are Conquerors of Ilum!!!  There will be a guild photo Saturday at 8pm on ilum to commemorate our success.

Then, just tonight as I prepared to write this, Augusta took down HM commanders! we are a 7/10 guild!  

Take it easy this week, go to ilum and pat yourself on the back!  But dont forget to sign up for ops this week!  

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