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Thank you, Syrdass. This one, then:
Mkeb, Voss, Alderaan are active conquests this week
25 npc limit, totally sucks :(
Which of the 11 conquests is active right now?

Conquests live!

kareth a posted 15 hours ago
Voss is our Conquest. Just ask in guild chat what you need to do and get on it.

Guildies start thinking about if we should invite others into guild to help with conquests or keep the homegrown feel we have now.

Hopefully the officers can figure out the guild key system better than I good and we should decide if we want to unlock all decks now or later.
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karethGuild Ship unlocked. Officers have keys to invite and move ship. Don't know the intricacies for decorating so be patient on that :)
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Aishya   Dres says there is a way to separate the key powers. I'm sure once you get home from work and have more time that you'll figure it out.

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karethIf you're confused like I am about 2.9 here's Dulfy's guide. Get ready for Conquests: [link]
Patch 2.9 Coverage Guides * /r/swtor
Hey everyone, with patch 2.9 just landing a few hrs from now, I thought I would share a bunch of guides for patch 2.9 incase you find them useful. **...
DreselusPretty useful information if you are considering spending CC's on GSH [link]
DreselusLove for Sages is back. What a Rollercoaster of emotions.
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karethNew FPS pictures: [link]
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