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Hey moesha. I won't be able to make it until 7:30 to the Tuesday raid. Wednesday should be ok.
may not make it, having internet troubles on my pc, troubleshooting still :(
Gemina, I won't be able to make tonight's raid. My Daughter just came in from out of town unexpectedly.
vacation until the 7th , play nice!

Flag ship and Mumble

kronus a posted Aug 18, 15

if you ahve not noticed. . . we now have the flagship 100% unlocked!  This was a long process that started during the early days of 3.0; After a long haitus our dashing performace two weeks ago produced enough encryptions that we were able to finish unlocking the ship!  

This means the guild could get a stronghold but those are very expensive, So please keep donating encryptions to the guild bank so I can turn them into guild credits.  If there is anything else you want to donate put it in deposit only nad let me know.  If there is anything you want to buy out of the deposit only let me know (guildie discounts apply).


Speaking of donations, Fruck has been knid enough to host our mumble over the last 8 months free of charge.  Since he has moved on to another progression group The Last Centurions have found other hosting with our very own Krayn.  If you see Fruck around at all be sure to express your gratitude for his hosting us all these months.

Over the next week we will migrate to the new hosting:  

still mumble,

New port 64738,

no password for the new mumble (handling security through permissions)

New IP

We should all start using the new server now.  The old server will still be up for the week but if you see anyone in there make sure to mention our new hosting.  Big thanks to Krayn!


kronus a posted Aug 4, 15

What in incredible week!  After taking a fast lead for the domination of Ilum Coup de Grace came out of no where and kept us all on our toes for a long and arduous 48hrs before we overwhelmed them and crushed their spirits!  By the end of it we took 1st by a 1.3 mil CP lead! 

We are Conquerors of Ilum!!!  There will be a guild photo Saturday at 8pm on ilum to commemorate our success.

Then, just tonight as I prepared to write this, Augusta took down HM commanders! we are a 7/10 guild!  

Take it easy this week, go to ilum and pat yourself on the back!  But dont forget to sign up for ops this week!  

Operations Next week

kronus a posted Jul 26, 15

In addition to the excitement of taking over a planet (please vote) there are also some exciting operations going on next week.  

On Wednesday night is the title runs.  It is a great chance to practice some of those old ops before they update to 65 AND get some cheevos!  the 8m group is pretty much full up BUT if we get enough alternates to sign up we will run it 16M and get even more cheevos!  (sign up here

On Friday night Legio Sabina and Legio Augusta are joining forces to run 16m HM ops!  Since some of the people overlap between the two groups and not all of the regulars can make the time there will be some open spots.  These spots will be first given to those who have HM experience with the groups and other Legio's, then the remaining spots will go to those with HM cheevos and proper gear.  To be considered for one of those spots please sign up on the spread sheet!(sign up here

it is gonna be a great week!!!

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