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kareth I talked to a guy by the name Yre, he wants to do NiM, he's 4/5 DF NiM, he's from the imp side. Hopefully he's filling out an application
Okay, so my computer actually didn't have system restore in with the options like reset and refresh. I didn't make a mistake as I thought, but what computer doesn't have any such function as restore in its troubleshooting page?!?
Sorry about your troubles, Zio - that sucks. If you have a spare $100 or so, I suggest getting an external HD and copying your more important/favorite programs to that. I keep a copy of my MMO clients on one.
sorry to hear that Zio, seems a lot of people are having troubles today.
I don't mind admitting it; technology is still very much an "alien" experience as far as I'm concerned.
We have invaded Oricon, get your Ops going. We talked about it on Mumble and there are separate points for Operations weekly and group finder Operations so we may want to lock toons to the 4th boss. 

Hard Mode and Story Modes for the win!

We get double points for:
  • Queue for a random Operation with Group Finder and complete it to earn the daily reward
  • Complete any [Weekly] mission on the Operations Terminal

We get double points for a one-time:
  • Complete Operation: EV on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: KP on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: EC on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: S&V on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: TFB on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: DP on any difficulty
  • Complete Operation: DF on any difficulty

Select Command Encryptions and let's finish off our ship
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karethIs this for real?
"Reduced the health of the Large Power Cores and The Vigilant in the Story and Hard Mode versions of Czerka Core Meltdown."

Has anyone ever had a problem killing either of these?
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Zanteera   It could just be an effort to shorten the FP a bit. The cores are just time-sinks, although I don't know why they'd bother messing with the Vigilant - he dies pretty quickly in either mode as-is.
Aishya   The cores were a time sink, yes.

The vigilant on the other hand I could see giving some groups trouble that either didn't know how to heal properly and/or could not run out of the smash when he pulls you in.

I know it is simple, but never underestimate the power of PuG groups!!
Zanteera   Don't worry, I don't. I ran with a Vanguard tank recently that opened every pull with Hammer Shot. (And no, it wasn't me.)
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karethtrying to figure out the point of the command room when we have a bridge. I'd say we make the center one our trophy room. nominations for the others?
Mis   As long as we get the Hutt back near the bank vaults/GTN, I'm happy.
kareth   ok so we need alot of propaganda posters, some republic starships, and at least one slicer's table (for the command deck). Command deck = trophy room and operational planning
Dreselus   What starship do you want. We have the mats for it.
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