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nice, 9mil total for the Tat SH, got soem credit saving to do
not much else, other than class changes coming in 2.10
eh, I stopped ranked awhile ago lol
Also, S2 PVP rewards announcement next week
tell us more Cid!

Guild Ship Donations

kareth a posted Sun at 12:02
So we have enough money for the guild ship basics, but if we want to be a serious conquest guild we're going to need more. Jourrno has started a thread which has some great ideas, but as a start please put any grade1-6 crafting mats that you don't need in our guild bank and we'll store them for our prefabs.

We are asking for a voluntary 250K contribution from each guildie to help as well.

Now the good stuff. The guild will be doing some special perks for those willing to make big donations. 
  • 500K - ability to decorate the guild stronghold
  • 1M - ability to decorate the guild ship
  • 3M - vote will count double when we vote for Guild Stronghold location
  • 5M - highest donations over 5M will have the first choice in choosing conquest planets (in order of their donation size)
  • 10M - new guild rank created allowing ability to move Guild Ship (still must coordinate with officers)
I'm open to other ideas! When you make your donation please make a comment below so that I can keep track of who has donated!
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kareth   published Guild Ship Donations on News
JourrnoRush   created a new thread Lets figure this out now. Paying for the Guild Ship. in the General Discussion forum
karethList of decorations. Alot from achievements. Time to get on them!
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Ziodus   I don't know what the exact science of it is. As it's on the light/dark vendor but a "unique" item that is so different from the other items, there is a chance that it would require no light or dark rank. I will be able to verify later when I check out the PTS later this coming week.
Zanteera   I see some decorations listed on Dulfy that I don't see on that list: [link]

Given that I have nothing else to do with them, I'd be happy to use my Fleet Commendations to buy one of the items costing 5k Fleet Comms and put the decoration in the guild stronghold, if that's even something that is possible.
Matthius   Read these comments on Dulfy's site from some guy trying PTS:

You get them from Standard Prototype Storage Box by completing +2 Heroics on the planet of the Datacron. Ilum has the Aim Datacron so I did the "Darkness on Ilum" and choose the blue box and open it and voila the Aim Datacron.There is a certain percentage of getting it from the box so may have to keep trying."

"Just looted the Dark Datacron (Aim) from a champ on ilum."

"It was Bind on Use, and stackable, so it's like a consumable.. I'm assuming that if you want the big datacron display you need to save them and not just eat it for the deco. I ate mine since I wanted to see what the singles look like."

So seems that the Dark/Light datacrons are drops and not neccesarily that you have found all the actual datacrons
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karethalot more on conquests: [link]
Swtor-mined: Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships | 7/26/2014 * /...
I'm working on a Season 2 PvP Rewards post (they all seem to be in there), but I'm tired and going to bed*** Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships ##De...
kareth   what we need to craft in advance, how we take over planets effectively, that stuff
JourrnoRush   See my general forum discussion for guild wide tax/donation. We can accomplish more if we all work together :) <3
Dreselus   Step 1: get as many crafting mats as possible. Greens, Blues and Purples of every tier and profession.
karethHere are the details on the different strongholds. Tell us which one you'll be building out first: [link]
SWTOR Galactic Strongholds Tours and Unlock Pricings - Dulfy
SWTOR Galactic Strongholds unlock prices and tours for each of the four apartment introduced with Galactic Stronghold expansion. This is a work in progress. Kaas City Apartment Per...
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Ziodus   Tatooine from the off (well, a week after, but that's beside the point)
kareth   I think I will go Tatooine first and then go Dromund Kass for an imperial one. I might turn my Nar Shadaa free one into a giant garage
JourrnoRush   Coruscant will be my Jedi / study home. Nar Shaddaa will be my strip club. There will be male strippers for Hendrix. Guildies get free drinks, but beware of the strippers who wear red.
karethMore on conquest: Lots of details on Guild Conquests:
Invading the planet will commit your guild's flagship to compete on this planet's leaderboard for this conquest event. If you place in the top spot, you will conquer the planet at the end of the event.
You cannot invade a planet in the last 3 days of a conquest event. You must lock in your commitment beforehand.
You cannot move your guild's flagship, because you have exhausted your credit allowance from the guild bank (or the guild bank has insufficient credits).
Flagship commitment for this conquest event is now locked. You must wait until the next conquest event to invade a planet.
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kareth   HOLY!!! [link]
kareth   I guess the mounts disappear when you leave the planet? [link]
Jakeson   that would suck :( I'd rather keep the mount all the time, even after each event
DreselusPTS is up, come help me for a guild so we can test GFS next week (I can clone the money needed].
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Elcid   gotta have credits in GB to even move the ship, kinda like class ships currently need credits to move from planet to planet right now
Jakeson   yes but does the ship actually move through space or does it travel like the class ships?
Elcid   probably the same as current class ships
karethSneak peak of new FPS grounds if you want to check it out: [link]
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kareth   more info: [link]
Elcid   conquest sounds like it is going to be very interesting
Dreselus   I did the FP, it is standard, but the area is very nice. Manaan looks exactly the way it is supposed to.
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